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Excellent of Director : UNMIT
Rua. Av. Obrigadu Barak Timor Leste

I’m Silveiro Martins Pinto, was born in the Uato-Carbau, 21th November 1987 live in the Fatu-hada son of Manuel Pinto and Agusta Quintão, now they are live in the Viqueque district sub district Viqueque, and my electoral number 0783524.
With announce from the white board I’m very interest to apply position of Media Relations Assistant, because related to my major and I have interest to working together with you organization and develop our country, so with that I attached my photo copy of Course or Training, Electoral, etc.
I’m declared:
1. I never went to jail (prison) and never including criminal
2. I have physical and mental to work with you organization
I think this all for you collaboration and attention thank you very much.

Dili, 21th October 2009

(Silveiro Martins Pinto)

I. Personality
1) Complete name : Silveiro Martins Pinto
2) Place/Date of Birth : Uato-Carbau, 21th November 1987
3) Gender : Male
4) Status : Single
5) Religion : Catholic
6) Nationality : Timorense
7) Address : Fatu-Hada Dili Timor Leste
8) No. Phone : (+670) 7484 139 / 7306 223
9) E-mail Address :
II. Education Formal
1) UNTL, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economic Development Study (IESP), Semester Seven (VII).
2) Secondary scholl Com-pleted : Uato-Carbau (2003-2006)
3) Junior High school : Dili Barat Number 30 August (2000-2003)
4) Elementary school: of Irabin de Cima , Uato-Carbau Number 04 (1994-2000)
III.Background of Non Formal Education
1) Following the basic Course Jornalis given by ICFJ UNTL and for 3 months.
2) Following Course Computer Training in central Dili we'matan Taibesi Moris (January 2005).
3) Portuguese Course Following a two-month basis, cooperation UNTL, the National Education Departamen East Timor and Portugal.
4) Following About leader, which FONGTIL given by the Faculty of Economics for two weeks (Setember 2007).
5) Following course Concerning the Administration and finance provided by the Forum ONG Timor-Leste in the Faculty of Economics for one week (December 2009).
6) Following primary challenge kursu Jornalis post-komflik coverage, which de Timor-Leste provided by Devolpmen Media Center for one Sunday (April 2009).
7) Following courses in magazine layout program for one week given by the International Center For Journalisn (ICFJ)(January 2009).
8) Following the training of coverage based on the balance prespektiva women and men, which is given by the Timor Leste Media Devolpment center (TLMDC) for two period (Agustu 27-30 and 28-30 September 2009).
VI. Work Experience
1) Being UNTL Coordinator of Akademika Bulletin (September 2008 until now).
2) Institutions working in Timor-Leste Devolpment Media Center (TLMDC), as jornalis about coverage options in the village head of East Timor based on Women (September-October 2009).
3) Became Assistant Lecturer Dra.Jaqualin Siapno for two months, with courses in Sociology and Political Economy at the Faculty of Economics (June-July 2008).
4) 4.Being a Research Assistant at the Institution of komflik PNTL and F-FDTL for one month (June 2008).
5) .Being a Member of the Association of Faculty of Economics Timor-Leste (MEFE-TL), in the information for two months (July-Agustu 2008).
6) Being in Voice Editorial Team Faculty of Economics (LIFAEK) until now.
7) Became coordinator of seminars with the topic ' "The existence of micro-Finansa Institution in East Timor" in the Faculty of Economics for one day (May 23, 2009).
8) Conducting research on rice consumption in MTCI Fatu-Hada tribe for a week (May 2009).
9) Being a Team leader Volumtir at UNIFEM, to socialize The violence in tribal communities in Camea and Kuluhun, for three days (15-17 october 2009)
V. The Ability To Use language.
No Language Reading Writing Speaking
1 Tetum Good Good Good
2 Indonesia Good Good Good
3 Portugués Good Good Fair
4 Ingles Enough Enough Enough

VI. Ability
1) I also have the capacity to use a computer: Ms. Word, Ms. Exsel and Powerpoint.
2) I also have the capacity to do layout in a magazine, and can use the internet.
3) I also have the capacity to organize specific events.
4) I also have the capacity to organize incoming and outgoing mail into the file.
5) also have the capacity to conduct research in the country.

1. Name : Fausta da Costa.
Position :Financa Akademika Bulletin UNTL.

E-mail / : / 6 7 0 7 3 8 1210

2. Name : Vital Duarte Gaspar.
Position : Project Manajer AKMV
E-mail / : + 670 733 5347

3. Name : Noemia de Jesus Quintão
Position : Student, Faculty of Economics
E-mail / : + 670 756 6568

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